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Mac Tutorial & Beginner’s Guide

The development of the technology brings the laptop as the one of important matter for you. Well, we all know that here the laptop becomes something important to assist people in doing their job. Actually, there are many kinds of the laptop as your choice. In this case, we have the Macbook. It is the great product from Apple.Here, we will talk about some kinds of Macintosh tutorial. Well, knowing some kinds of the macbook tutorial ideas is useful to assist you in operating it. You can see some kinds of it below.


The basic of Mac

Talking about the tutorial, the first thing here that you need to know is the basic of the Mac. Well, knowing the basic here is important. Why the basic is important? Yes, it is because the basic of the Mac here will lead you when you want to operate it. There are some kinds of the basic, which you need to know. Here, you need to consider the different of the Apple Mac. The Mac has the different arrangement in its desktop from the Windows. In other hand, it also has the different ways when you browse the file.

Since talking about the macbook tutorial, here you need to know the overview of it. Well, the first thing of the overview here that you need to know is the desktop. In this case, you can create your own creation in the design of the desktop. You can put the new background there. What makes the Mac special is the dock. Well, the dock is the original matter from the Mac. The dock here is kind of the convenient shortcuts to help you in finding the favorite menus. You also can edit the kinds of the shortcuts.

Then, here, another kind of the important macbook tutorial is the menu. In the top of the screen, you will see the menus. There are some kinds of menus with the different functions. The menus above the screen are finder, file, edit, view, go, window and help. You can use the kind of menu there as your need. In other hand, you also can see the menu extras. There are some kinds of the menu extras to help you, such as the Wi-Fi, the sound and battery. You can edit the appearance of the extras here.


Uninstalling application on Mac

Here, as the kind of the macbook guide, you also need to consider the guide of uninstalling application. Well, the uninstalling application will be useful when you want to trash the unused kind of the app. It is also useful in the way to maintain the memory of the Mac. Well, the full memory of the Mac sometimes will cause the problem. There are some ways in uninstalling the application. At least, there are two kinds of the ways of it.

Talking about the uninstalling application in macbook guide idea, the first way here that you can consider is the manual. Well, manual uninstalling application can be the simple way in removing your application. Here, to apply this ways, you need to locate all the program, files relating to the application. To help you in finding the file, you can use the finding menu. After finding the program, you can delete them all. Then, the last way is emptying the trash. Well, you can see that the manual is simple way in uninstalling.

Another thing in uninstalling the application in macbook guide here is the appzapper uninstalling. Well, it is kind of the way in removing the app using the other app. This way is effective for you. In this case, when you want to remove the app, you need to open the appzapper. Then, after opening the app, you need to drag and drop the application in main window. Then, uncheck the kinds of the file you do not want to delete. Then, click the zap. It will remove the files. Finally, empty your trash to finish it.


System Preferences on Macintosh

Here, you also need to know the system preferences as the kind of the guide of Macbook for beginners. Well, the kind of it here will be useful in the way to assist you when you want to operate it. In this case, the first step here of the macbook guide idea is searching for preferences. Well, the preferences here will be something great in helping you. The Apple Inc has programmed the search function. The programed here will be useful to make you know about the window as well.

Then, in this case, people want to have a nice look in their MacBook. Well, to renew the look of the surface, you can change the wallpaper and display image. Here, you can consider the kind of the image as you want and drag it into the preview area. Something that you need to know here is the resolution of the image. The resolution here will influence the quality of the wallpaper or screensaver. The bigger resolution will give the clearer image.

Still talking about the preference, here you also can consider the theme. Well, the theme here will be useful in the way to beautify the look of your MacBook. The theme will be great idea to create your own creativity. In this case, you can consider the combination color of the MacBook. The combination here will be a nice idea. You can apply the classical look or the modern theme of it. Please consider some kinds of it before deciding.

Based on the explanation above, there are some kinds of the Macintosh guide for beginners, which you need to know. In this case, I think it will be better for you to try knowing other kinds of it. If it is necessary, you can ask the expert and apply the module of it. Something that you need to know here is also updating. Well, updating system is also important for you. You need to update the system in regular in the way to have the best performance of it.